The PID-Analyzer (GC-PID) is a multi-gas analyzer developed at IUT/IUT Medical for the high-sensitive detection of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), like BTX or BTEX aromatic compounds, but also for other toxic gases with ionization potentials (IP) up to 10.6 eV (if standard UV-lamp is used).

The PID-Analyzer is a multi-gas trace anlyzer with a sensitivity in the lower ppb-range without any pre-concentration. It is a Photo Ionization Detector (PID) coupled with a GC-column for pre-separation to a GC-PID. While performing analysis the PID-Analyzer separates the complex mixtures with the GC capillary column and makes the detection with a highly sensitive Photo Ionization Detector (PID). The PID cell used in the PID-Analyzer is a special design offering sensitivities in the ppb-range. The operating costs are low since no carrier gas is required.

It is not sensitive to interference from humidity and provides both manual and automatic sampling & analysis. The PID-Analyzer can be individually adjusted for the customer’s specific requirements.

For the measurement of Total VOC a highly sensitive bare PID system is offered.