The IMS-Analyzer is a multi-gas analyzer as Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) with high  sensitivity in the lower ppb-range and high resolution. With this trace-gas analyzer toxic gases can be detected and identified without any enrichment directly in situ already at a very low concentration level.

For the further enhancement of the selectivity and further reduction of cross sensitivities the IMSAnalyzer is also available as GC-IMS approach. There the IMS is coupled with a gas chromatographic column (GC) for pre-separation.

With the IMS-Analyzer, IUT offers a high sensitive, high selective, reliable, and easy to operate analyzer. The analyzer offers an excellent price / performance ratio which makes it quite interesting for replacements of expensive process gas chromatographs.

This unique combination of GC column with IMS to a GC-IMS is also offered as mobile analyzer and is the smallest GC-IMS analyzer available on the market.


– High sensitivity in lower ppb-range
– Enhancement with GC-columncoupling (GC-IMS) possible
– Analysis directly in situ (No Tedlar bag sampling / no lab analysis)
– Operation under ambient air pressure
– Long-term-stability and reliability
– Solid-state electronics and few moving parts
– Low Maintenance Time – High Up Time