The CWA-Analyzer is a multi-gas analyzer for the high-sensitive detection and identification of Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and/or Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) developed by IUT/IUT Medical over more than 20 years. It is best suitable for the use in homeland security, building protection, and CBRNE application in general.

It is an Ion Mobility Spectrometer (IMS) (also as GC-IMS) with high sensitivity in the lower ppb-range and with high resolution. It is also be available as GC-IMS, gas chromatographic (GC) column coupled with an IMS to enhance the selectivity and to reduce cross sensitivities available with still high sensitivity for extreme requirements.

The CWA-Analyzer is available as small mobile version and as stationary 19-inch rack and wall mounted NEMA 4X version in different enclosures. The portable and user-friendly CWA-Analyzer is part of the new generation IMS-family of IUT Technologies.

With this trace-gas analyzer CWAs and other toxic gases can be detected and identified without any enrichment directly in situ already at a very low concentration level. The detection including sampling and identification process takes few seconds. It can be operated either in manual or in automatic detection mode. Detection in negative as well as in positive mode and the automatic change during detection is possible. The housing of the mobile version meets the Protection Rating IP55 and is therefore best suitable for the mobile use outside also by rain and dust and the stationary analyzer is offered with enclosure NEMA 4X.

As all analyzers from IUT Medical the CWA-Analyzer offeres all standard interfaces like 4-20 mA current loops (active/passive), USB/RS 232 and even Ethernet connection and accessories such as dilution systems, Multi-Point-Samplers (MPS), SPAN/ZERO calibration features, EX-protections (purge system) and enclosure IP 55 or NEMA 4X and more.

Compared with other systems the CWA-Analyzer has the advantage to operate under atmospheric pressure and no additional carrier gas is required. This makes it best suitable for mobile applications for on-site measurements in homeland. The powerful rechargeable battery offers an optimal mobile use.

The GC-IMS version can be individual adjusted based on customer requirements. While performing GC-IMS analyses, complex mixtures are rapidly separated with the GC capillary column, followed by high sensitive IMS detection.

The high sensitivity of the IMS cell developed at IUT/IUT Medical bases on the special design structure.


Public security and safety, police, fire brigades, civil protection, military Air pollution control / recognition of hazard substances, e.g. Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
Building Protection Indoor monitoring: Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs)
Safety at work Hydrocarbons, Hydrogen cyanide, Chlorine, HCl, Phosgene, H2S, CS2, …
Navy vessels CWAs protection
Disposal Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs), …
Storage of hazardous materials and waste Phosgene, Chlorine, HCl, Hydrocarbons, …
Control of filter systems CWA, Phosgene, Hydrogen cyanide, …
Laboratory Detection- und monitoring systems


Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Sum Formula CAS No Toxic Industrial Compound (TIC) Sum Formula CAS No
Sarin (GB) C4H10FO2P 107-44-8 Hydrogen cyanide HCN 74-90-8
Tabun (GA) C5H11N2O2P 77-81-6 Phosgene CCl2O 75-44-5
Soman (GD) C7H16FO2P 96-64-0 Chlorine Cl2 7782-50-5
VX C11H26NO2PS 50782-69-9 Hydrogen sulfide H2S 7783-06-4
S-Mustard (HD) C4H8Cl2S 505-60-2 Chlorocyan CClN 506-77-4
N-Mustard (HN-3) C6H12Cl3N 555-77-1 Carbon disulfide CS2 75-15-0
Lewisite (L) C6H6AsCl 40334-70-1 1,4-Dithiane C4H8S2 505-29-3