Permeation (lat.: permeare = percolate, penetrate) describes the process of penetration of a substance through a solid material, driven by the force of a chemical potential gradient like a pressure or a concentration difference. Without any external influence the substance which permeates, moves always into the direction of the lower concentration. By using a tube made from any polymer like PP, PTFE, PE, filled with a liquid or gaseous substance the wall of the tube acts as the solid material, the membrane, which is penetrated. Since one can imagine this as a penetration molecule by molecule, the process is very stable, reproducible and can be controlled with an extremely high precision just by varying a small amount of parameters. These are:

  • The Membrane material (polymer) and its thickness and area
  • The temperature, pressure and in case of gases, the flow rate.

Thus a concentration of a compound in a gas stream can be set and controlled especially in concentration ranges of ppm, ppb or even ppt- levels, because of the very small and slow penetration in nanograms-per-minutes rates.


IUT Technologies‘ Perm-Calibrator offers a high sensitive, selective, reliable and easy to operate calibrator. The calibrator offers an excellent price and performance ratio which makes it an alternative for replacements of much more expensive calibrators.

Our calibrator has solid-state electronics and just a few moving parts which lowers the maintenance time significant and thus offers a high up time. Additionally the running costs are lower compared to other calibrators, because the calibrator doesn‘t need vacuum pumps and carrier gas.

In order to provide an optimal solution for each application, a wider variety of permeation tubes are available. Due to its different enclosures the calibrator can easily implemented into different locations and production proceses, whether it is a 19″ rack-mounted system or a NEMA 4X wall-mounted system with the option for ex-proof areas.

All system adjustments can be made with the integrated touch panel such as flow, temperature and dilution rate.

The Perm-Calibrator can be equiped with one (1) or two (2) ovens. The system can be set up with a dilution of two (2) stages for the one (1) oven option and  with a one (1) stage dilution for the two (2) ovens.